We created this explainer video for IMRE. IMRE is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed specifically for real estate. It provides automation of everyday customer service tasks tailored to the needs of realtors. We used a lot of motion graphics to show how IMRE can integrate into a realtor’s day-to-day workflow. This project included a full-length video as well as shorter edits for use on social media. (



We created a series of 7 customer testimonial videos for our amazing client Clio. Clio is a Legal Practice Management Software. Over 2 weeks we flew all over the States interviewing their amazing clients in New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Tacoma. Under a very tight timeline we were able to produce some of our favourite and most inspiring pieces of the year. More specifically, we loved the videos where we highlighted the amazing work the California Innocence Project is doing tackling wrongful convictions and the Hite Law Group in representing the LGBTQ community. (


We created two videos these two for this amazing indoor herb smart garden, AVA Byte. The first video was a Teaser video that played in anticipation of their official Indiegogo crowdfunding launch. The second video was actual video that was the hero for their Indiegogo campaign. We also made a separate founder's video and shorter b-roll edits to be used for different social platforms. (  


We created these two videos for the Edvisor platform. Edvisor connects international schools with education agents abroad. And these education agents sell students on these schools. We have one video highlighting the services Edvisor provides these international schools and one video highlighting the services Edvisor provides education agents. We love making videos for two-sided markets. We also cut down the video into shorter edits for social media. (

We made this video for Nocturnal Workshop... We wanted to show the function through feeling and evocative imagery. Nocturnal Workshop introduces the N.3 Nisshokku Backpack, featuring a reflective fabric overlaid by a perforated leather. The effect is similar to that of an eclipse, with darkness overtaking light. The video highlights the contrast between light and dark forces... (


We created this fun video for our awesome client, Dojo… This video was a key part of their crowdfunding campaign. Dojo is an app and secure debit card. Way smarter, simpler and safer than giving kids cash. Dojo was developed to enable parents to identify and discourage bad money habits early on, while also being able to reward and encourage good habits… (

BC Innovation Council Logo

We created a series of videos to help showcase this year's BC Innovation Council's (BCIC) Ignite Program and its winners. We created one video highlighting the overall program and how it focuses on driving BC’s economic engine through the advancement of BC tech and market-driven innovation. We also created a series of 4 short videos congratulating this year's winners. This videos were aired at the program awards show at the Telus World of Science (


We created this explainer launch video for Butler. They wanted a video to help with their introduction to the world. We used motion graphics to highlight the all the app’s features. We also wanted to make a video that spoke to both target markets in this two-sided marketplace, the home owner and the service professional…  Butler helps you find experts to help with any work you need done at home. Enjoy your day. Leave the work for the professionals (

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.08.33 PM.png

With Spark, we wanted to make this video into something that was sharp, something that was polished, something that the people in the real estate industry would love. We used cool shots and refined motion graphics to emphasize the platform's awesome features. We wanted everyone involved with the selling, marketing and managing of new development real estate to be wow'd. (


With WealthBar, we created a series of 3 videos, each video highlighting a distinct feature of the WealthBar platform. And we wanted to do this in an interesting, humorous and memorable way... WealthBar is a "full-service" online financial advisor and one of BC's most innovative #fintech companies (

We created the awards video for the 2016 BCIC-New Ventures Competition. We also created 10 short bio videos to highlight the personality of each of the companies competing. The BCIC-New Ventures Competition is the premier startup competition in Canada with over 300k in prizes. (

We created the ShareDesk Optix product video to correspond with the re-launch and re-brand of their product. We wanted to really utilize motion graphics to emphasize all the various features... ShareDesk Optix creates smart office spaces. It's a cloud-based app that makes managing shared spaces smart and intuitive (

We created a series of 4 videos with the goal of emphasizing the "weirdness" of A Thinking Ape culture and brand. These videos we're successfully used to attract some of BC's top talent. We also created the App Store game preview for their game Smash Monsters that has over 800k views on Youtube (

As part of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association's (DVBIA) 25thth anniversary, we worked with them on a 12 month project that included a series of videos highlighting interesting points about the company and the 80 block area of Downtown Vancouver that they oversee (

We created the Streetcast explainer video to illustrate what the app does. It was used to attract investors and ultimately build their customer base... Streetcast helps businesses connect with their customers, one business, one customer and one community at a time... (

We created this video for Vacuumclicka for 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Vacuumclicka was able to surpass their crowdfunding goals by 234%... Vacuumclicka is a affordable vacuum sealing device... (

We created this company profile video for Spring to highlight the main features of the company. This video corresponded with the launch of a new website... SpringU is the startup school that teaches entrepreneurs how. They provide the tools to build a successful business... (

This was made to commemorate Brodie Bikes’ 30th anniversary. We wanted to portray stunning visuals and almost a dream-like setting to capture the feeling of getting on a bike and escaping the everyday. Brodie is proudly one of Canada's last independent bike brands... (

A joint initiative from SFU and the DVBIA, we made this video to stimulate thoughts on how downtown Vancouver should look, taste, and feel in 25 years as well highlight the feedback we received. This initiative was called Re-imagine Downtown Vancouver... (

This video was created to be a sales tool for the commercial leasing team at Shape. Highsteet Fraser Valley is a 600,000 SF, three level, open air shopping centre. It was successfully used to attract some of the most sought after retail brands in the world... (


We're always open to exciting new projects. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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